• The celebrity-loved moisturizer recommended

    The celebrity-loved moisturizer recommended

    The only thing better than finding the holy grail skin care product is finding a skin care product that is actually affordable. Therefore, an $11 moisturizer is worth examining Amazon's list of triggers and shakers - which ranks the most popular products available in retail stores and is updated every 24 hours.

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    As of today, Vereda's Skin Food Moisturizer is currently in the number one spot in its The most talked about and deserving beauty products on Amazon thanks to a 3,341% increase in its sales rank. The ultra-hydrating cream has been the brand's best-selling product since it was first launched in 1926 and has recently gained a lot of celebrity fans, perhaps explaining its dramatic rise in popularity on Amazon. Beauty icons like Victoria Beckham , Julia Roberts , Adele , and Ashley Graham allegedly all use the classic moisturizer to hydrate and soothe their skin, giving it an effortlessly healthy glow.

    Containing natural ingredients such as Viola Tricolor (pansy) extract, sunflower seed oil, and rosemary, this moisturizing and refreshing formula can be safely used all over the body, from face to feet. Viola Tricolor extract boasts long-chain sugars that moisturize dry, sensitive skin, essential fatty acids and vitamin E in sunflower seed oil keep skin soft and smooth looking, and rosemary stimulates and strengthens the skin.

    In addition to an impressive list of celebrity fans, the paraben-free, synthetic preservative-free, fragrance-free cream has accumulated 1,450 five-star reviews on Amazon . It has developed somewhat of a cult following among people of all ages and skin types who love how versatile and effective a simple moisturizer can be.

    Yes, this all-natural product is great for hands and feet, but what I'm excited about is how it works in a facial skin care routine. It will make a huge difference to my 66 year old dry sensitive skin. I would give this 10 stars if I could.

    Another reviewer explained that I am 40 years old and my skin is very dry and still breaking out. I have tried every cream possible including [the one] prescribed by [a] dermatologist, but still had flaky skin and rashes. After using the moisturizer, shoppers were sold on this affordable product. I can't recognize my face in the morning [after applying the cream before bedtime]. My [skin] is velvety smooth and has condensation...After more than a week of using it, I have noticed that the breakouts have stopped.

    With winter (and the dry skin the season brings) fast approaching, now is the perfect time to stock up! Cult-favorite moisturizer Celebrities and Amazon shoppers alike can't get enough.